How well do you know your truck?

truckIf you’ve ever seen an expert artisan at work you would have noticed how he seems to effortlessly grab the right tool from his tool box every time. Getting a job done right is often down to not only having the right equipment but also being intimately acquainted with the purpose of each tool and how to use it. To describe driving a truck properly as an art form is maybe a bit of a stretch but it certainly does take a lot of skill. Doing it really well also involves being well acquainted  with the individual parts that make up the whole truck.

Driving your truck with car parts is effectively is more than just knowing where the pedals, steering wheel and gears are. You need to understand everything from what goes on under the hood to what keeps your wheels rolling under the chassis. Here are a few things that every truck driver should be acquainted with.


The engine is the heart of the truck. It’s the power source and without this you’re not going to be going anywhere.


Your breaks and many of the other functions of your truck are completely dependant on this.


This includes everything related to your radio, engine management and refrigeration.


Make sure you understand the required air pressures as well as being able to see if the tyres are in good shape. free fifa 17 coins


Being able to move is important but being able to stop is more important.

As a driver you need to make sure that you have a good understanding of each of these elements and not be satisfied with just knowing how to drive. You should have a keen interest in what goes on behind the scenes when you’re behind the wheel. This isn’t just to satisfy your curiosity but is also essential to your effectiveness as a good driver.